How to Clean Your Appliances Naturally

How to Clean Your Appliances Naturally

Ways to Clean Your Appliances Naturally

Because of the potentially dangerous fumes of oven self cleaning processes, or simply to avoid the unpleasant smell, many people choose to skip using the cleaning cycle entirely. These people may often be surprised to discover that the typical products on the market marketed as oven cleaner are much more harsh! These can often contain highly toxic chemicals that are dangerous for you, your family, your pets, and the environment. Fortunately, there are alternatives!

Making Your Own Natural Oven Cleaner

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There are many different recipes and instructions on making your own natural oven cleaner available, so don’t take this particular one as the end-all be-all. With that said, this recipe will certainly work well for cleaning your oven, stove, and more. That’s one of the great things about homemade cleaners; since they do not contain extremely harsh, abrasive, and caustic chemicals, they are usually safe for many different surfaces. Their ingredients aren’t very expensive, either.

Basic Formula

  • 1 Part Baking Soda
  • 1 Part Salt
  • 1 Part Water

Soy PlantThis basic formula containing all common ingredients that many (most!) people have lying around is one of the easiest recipes for a home-made cleaner. Try using a cup of each if you’re planning on using this on an oven, depending on the size. Mix them all in a large bowl until it forms a type of paste. You’re looking for a consistency that will be thick enough not to run too much, because you’re going to be applying it to the inside of the oven walls (when the oven is off!). So, if it seems too dry or too liquid, adjust the ratio of ingredients as necessary. After you have applied the mixture, wait a couple of minutes for it to set. Then, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and use it to apply vinegar liberally to all the areas with the baking soda paste. This will create a fizzing reaction that will help to remove stains and baked-on materials. After the fizzing stops, simply wipe down the inside of your oven with a wet sponge and it will be looking much better!

You can try cleaning with vinegar and baking soda in a lot of different places in your home. If you do, please let us know what works. If you have a cleaning horror story to share, please let us know about that, too. We just might feature you!

Natural Oven Cleaning Products

There are a wide variety of natural oven cleaning products available on the market. These products receive various ratings from oven owners.

DISCLAIMER: While some have had success with the methods described above, these methods may not work in your particular circumstances. Make sure follow the cleaning instructions for your oven as described in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. If you have questions, call the manufacturer for clarification.