Self Cleaning Oven Brands

Self Cleaning Oven Brands

There are a ton of manufacturers out there that make self cleaning ovens. Some of whom are the big name brands that have been around forever, while others are companies that are known in other areas and are just now making their way into the home appliance market. Still others are perhaps “no-name” brands that you haven’t heard about. (Many of these are actually manufactured by the “big guys,” but will cost you a lot less!)

Self Cleaning Oven BrandsIt’s impossible to examine every single offering of every single manufacturer (and we don’t think you’d like to buy a 300-Page book of oven reviews), but we’ve come up with a basic list below. Take a look at the overview and then DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It’s up to you to find the appliance that has the features that you are looking for. Oh, and make sure you measure before buying!


The features of the Electrolux line (that includes the EI30ES55JS)of ranges include their “Luxury Glide Oven Racks,” “Wave-Touch Controls,” “Perfect Convenct3,” and “Flex-2-Fit Elements.” (All Trademarks and Copyrights property of Electrolux.) The oven racks utilize a system of ball bearings to extend smoothly (no more fighting with your oven racks!) The control system is super modern! It highlights available options when you touch the screen, but fades the controls away to black when you are done making your selections. Very cool. Additionally, the Electrolux line features a third heating element for even cooking. Finally, the heating elements adjust to fit the size of your pot or pan, so you get to choose which size pan goes where!


The simple, yet modern and elegant 8-function basic oven model (POR881S) from Westinghouse is a solid selection. It boasts a large capacity (80 litres) to allow you to cook multiple dishes at once. It is also a low-noise option. The Westinghouse is intended to release as little sound and heat as possible.


The Kenmore 30” Freestanding Electric Range (Model Number 92513) is another option that features various options for the stovetop, a hidden element in the oven to make the bottom of the oven smooth, and the “Easy Set” (Trademark owned by Kenmore) electronic controls. The smooth bottom is definitely a feature that we are fond of. It makes cleaning a snap!


The GE 30” Free-Standing Electric range is one of the best buys in self-cleaning ovens. This model has one of the lowest starting prices of the self cleaning ovens that we’ve checked out. It is very simple with standard dial controls and coil heating elements, but that’s part of why we like it! It is a very no-frills option, but still has great reviews and includes a 1-year “bumper-to-bumper” style warranty that covers the full appliance. If you are on a budget, then this is definitely worth taking a look at.


Red Hot Burner

The LG line of ranges have some really cool, modern features that make them a contender in today’s appliance market. Probably the most interesting is the “Infrared Grill System.” LG states that this technology can reduce the total cooking time of a dish by up to 20%, because it does not have to preheat for as long as a conventional style oven. They also claim to have the most powerful double heating element available – wow! If you’re looking for power, then LG might be the way to go.

There’s a brief overview of self-cleaning ovens. Notice that we’ve left out a TON of great options. We encourage you to do your research online, and check out the oven you’re thinking about purchasing in person first. If you just don’t like the look of it, well, you won’t want to live with it in your kitchen for 20 years or more.